A Walk in the Park

Whew! I'm on a blogging spree today! Ok, last one.

Well, Father's Day was quite fun. And not just for my pop. We went to the Wildwood Festival at I-can't-remember-the-name Gardens. Mostly, the festival was just a tent that was renting out fishing poles and a couple of camera guys from channel 7. So me, my family, and two friends from church who had nothing better to do, walked. Surprisingly, it was great. There was a rock garden with a total of one rocks. We happened upon a butterfly garden about the size of a closet. They played "Soul Sister" and "Beat It" on the loudspeakers. I did the robot. We all enjoyed ourselves. And I got some pinhole pictures out of it, to be developed. If they turn out, that is.
 I don't know what caught me about this sign.
 This was a failed attempt to blur the waterfall. That doesn't work with a point and shoot. Just one more reason to go SLR!

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