So, apparently there is a limited number of photos you can post with Blogger before you have to start paying.

And I have reached that limit.

I was not aware of this fact when I deleted half of the photos in my web album.

Needless to say, half of the photos in my blog were lost forever, and there was much frustration and despair on that Day.

So if you see this:
Then you have seen the image of my nightmares.

The solution to this terrible predicament has been to create a new blog on Wordpress. I know that seems like I'm cheating on Blogger, but frankly, I was desperate, and I felt like taking my revenge. 

All that to say, goodbye. It's been a blast. You can find me here.



So, no posts for a while.

Well. That was, um, my plan! To, um, leave you in suspense!

Anyway, lots of photography-related things have happened to me since my last post! For instance, I GOT PAID TO TAKE PHOTOS. (I believe I already made that clear, but just in case I thought I should just casually throw that in there.) I got to play around with Craig's camera that day, too which was awesome. (He has a very nice Sony DSLR and he had just bought a new 50mm lense. I'll post the other photos I took with it later. See what I did there? More suspense!) If I didn't already tell you, Craig is my sister's boyfriend. This is a very backlit Craig:
Also, I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Nothing terribly fancy, I haven't quite made it to SLR status yet, but it is considerably better than my old one which has been having trouble, poor dear. Here is a rather blurry photo taken of the NEW camera with the OLD one:
And now, for your viewing pleasure, the photos that I was PAID to take! Meet the Moren family:
They're a rather photogenic family, wouldn't you say?



I am now officially a high school graduate! To commemorate the event, all the seniors from my school (if you can call a group of homeschoolers a school) went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a week. It was, in a word, memorable.
I made a short (if you call 7 1/2 minutes short) film to summarize the trip.

This was the group I rode with for eleven hours each way. They're much more fun than it looks in the photo. They were trying to look like a band.
Gnarly, dude.
Because no beach is ever complete without kites.
You can't see it in this picture, but she has a Superman shirt on.
Yeah. We got henna tattoos. It was awesome.