So, no posts for a while.

Well. That was, um, my plan! To, um, leave you in suspense!

Anyway, lots of photography-related things have happened to me since my last post! For instance, I GOT PAID TO TAKE PHOTOS. (I believe I already made that clear, but just in case I thought I should just casually throw that in there.) I got to play around with Craig's camera that day, too which was awesome. (He has a very nice Sony DSLR and he had just bought a new 50mm lense. I'll post the other photos I took with it later. See what I did there? More suspense!) If I didn't already tell you, Craig is my sister's boyfriend. This is a very backlit Craig:
Also, I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Nothing terribly fancy, I haven't quite made it to SLR status yet, but it is considerably better than my old one which has been having trouble, poor dear. Here is a rather blurry photo taken of the NEW camera with the OLD one:
And now, for your viewing pleasure, the photos that I was PAID to take! Meet the Moren family:
They're a rather photogenic family, wouldn't you say?

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