Twilight and Speech

I was at a speech tournament in Irvine the last few days which happens to be my sad excuse for not writing, but anyway I was waiting for my parents to finish filling out ballots after they had judged and I was very bored. I'm glad I had my camera! This is how I entertain myself:

I love macro. Just a few months ago I discovered it on my camera and it was such a revalation to me. For those of you who don't know, macro lets you take really close-up shots of things. Like eyes. And jeans. And iPods.

Anyway, every time I'm at a speech tournament giving a speech I always zone out in the middle of it and wonder: "why on earth am I doing this?" I was the girl who would stand behind my mother's back and glare at people, and now I'm in front of sometimes almost 100 people giving a 10-minute interpretive speech mocking Twilight.

For you Twilight fans out there, I am very sorry, but I think Twilight is absolutely ridiculous and Edward is not one tiny bit cute. There, I said it. If you have ever read Dan Bergstien's Blogging Twilight, I think you will agree with me. I'm actually including parts of it in my speech to help show the ridiculousness of it. (Although I don't even think I need it.) Just to show what I mean, here is a line from my speech:

Bella:     I couldn't imagine how an Angel could be any more glorious. There was nothing about him that could be improved upon.

Dan:      Really? How about and eyeball on the end of his finger so he could look around corners without being seen?

Ha. Ha. Ha. I love it.

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