Bright light

I went up on the hill behind our backyard the other day.

There's some pretty good views from up there. (No, really?)
Last Sunday our dog Brinkley was up there in our backyard on and on the other side of the fence were three coyotes. It was really freaky, also considering that the day before I had been in that exact same spot with my freind. But anyway, the main reason I told you that is so I could have an excuse to put on a picture of our dog.

I don't know how he did that.

You can guess where the name Brinkley came from if you like You've Got Mail. It's one of my family's favorite movies. (My family meaning, everyone but my dad.) Our dog is a little bit strange and very hard to get pictures of unless you use the flash. I hate using flash, though. It makes everything look... wierd. I mean, look at this photo:
I would have liked this so much more without the flash. Gaaa! The only thing it's good for is if you're shaking the camera and it turns out blurry. Grr. Ok. Rant over, as my sister would say.

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