There is a point. I think.

I can write a blog. I have thoughts. (Julie & Julia.)

At least I think so.

This is what I've been telling myself. Sometimes I can hear the theme from Indiana Jones in my head when I say it. Anyway, as my title says this is a photog blog. (Photog is short for photography or photographer for those of you who don't speak in teenager.) So I am going to have at least one photograph for every post I write. Let's see how long this lasts.

This is me:
As you can see, I like photos where you can't see my face. It's kind of a Lemony Snicket thing.

My loverly camera has been giving me rather rude looks lately. That is the reason for this blog. I have resolved to take more pictures than ever. The whole thing isn't really about photography, I just couldn't think of a name and now it sounds like I'm actually doing something useful with my time than blabbering about my boring life. (Do you like that new word I just made up?) So, there was my first, sad attempt at a blog post. Hopefully my thoughts will be more interesting when they're not all used up on the layout of the page.

Goodbye, dear void.


  1. Hooray for you!
    And, hey! I care!
    You are one funny gal.

  2. cool pic in the in the passenger seat spot today, sis.