Last week I wore a floor-length dress (with ruffles!), rode on a limo, became the shortest among the girls, was deaf for four hours, ran around in the rain in a floor-length dress, stood on a cliff, named all the sharks in an aquarium, was stalked by a fish*, danced on a teeter-totter, drank liquid happiness, stared at water for twenty minutes, climbed a mountain, turned my friend into a zombie, killed my friend's brother, turned myself into a vampire, pretended to like pop music, taught my friend a song by Adele on the piano, vandalized my friend's car, vandalized my other friend's house, bought a pocket-watch and waistcoat, and LEFT MY CAMERA IN CALIFORNIA!

But I got it back, so everything is OK now. Overall, my tip to California was pretty great!

This is Blake and Luke. (And Becca walking in front)
As I said before, liquid happiness.
My lovely pal bought me the bright orange raincoat in front for my birthday, and I've received quite a few compliments regarding it.
The church I attended in California (Skyline Church) opened it's new sanctuary the week I was there. They've been planning it for about twenty years.
(33 lights for the 33 years of Jesus' life.)
And now, to change the subject ENTIRELY...
We made a monster movie. It was amazing.
This photo isn't even very good, but I'm showing it to you anyway.
And. of course, no trip to California is complete without a photoshoot!

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