Merry and Bright and all that Good Stuff...

So far, Christmas has been pretty good. And it's still nearly a week away! 
Our new neighborhood has an event every year around Christmas called "Lakeside Luminaries" where they set out hundreds of paper bags with candles in them... That would be so illegal in California. But it's very pretty! This is what they looked like before...
And after.
It was pretty awesome.
And I hung up the lights all by myself while listening to Christmas music by Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys and She and Him. Surprisingly, it was rather enjoyable... except when I had to duct tape one of the strings because the darn thing wouldn't stay...
Yeah, I think this Christmas will be a good one...

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  1. Michelle Brown04 January, 2012

    Okay so a few things:
    (1) These pictures are amazing and beautiful!
    (2) I love your boots!
    (3) The pictures of the lights are so magical and I love them!
    (4) You are a PHENOMENAL photographer!!!!
    Hope to see you soon, Carly! :)
    p.s. Those cookies look soooo good. yum.